A Free Trip to Las Vegas

I won a free trip to Las Vegas from drinking beer. A beer company was having a promotion where they were giving away a free Las Vegas trip to 3 lucky people. All people had to do was buy the beer and look under the cap for a special code that they could enter online for a chance to win. I won after drinking 30 beers over the course of a week. The first thing I wanted to do was meet with one of the Las Vegas Asian escorts.

I had tried escorts before in my own hometown, but I had never experienced the ones from Las Vegas, and an Asian one. One of my friends told me that the Asian escorts are the best because they look the most beautiful. I thought he was just showing his bias a little bit. My friend is the kind of person who likes to watch Japanese movies all of the time, eat at nothing but Asian restaurants, and listen to Asian music. He would probably want to be born as an Asian person if he could be born again. I was a little skeptical of his claim, but I was willing to see for myself.

As soon as I looked at the website to make an arrangement with the Asian escort for my Las Vegas trip, I realized that my friend was right. The Asian escorts on the website looked better than any others. There was one that I was particularly fond of because of her long hair, so I selected her. We met near a bar and had some drinks. I thought I could take some heavy drinks, but the escort outclassed me. We had some dinner and then went to my hotel room for some time alone that lasted until the next morning.