My New Boss is Really Awesome

Of course someone must have told her about me and I guess that it was another girl in the same industry. I had no idea who she was when I went to the address they told me to show up at, but it turned out to be a huge house out in the hills where she operated an escort service in Utah county. If you do not know about this sort of thing, then you probably think that means all of the girls are escorts. Instead all of the girls will do what they want to do if you pay them what they expect to do it. A lot of them do nothing except strip at bachelor parties and if you are good at it then you can make plenty of money doing that. Obviously you end up an incredibly beautiful woman in her fully unclothed glory surrounded by a lot of guys who have been drinking and may not have had any sense to start with.

That is where I come in, although I have not done it in maybe five years. The lady took a look at me and frisked me to see if I was carrying a gun. She was disappointed that I was not and asked if I had a concealed carry permit. I told her that it was Utah and I could get one if I needed one. She then punched me in the stomach, rather hard I suppose. She laughed and asked some beautiful girls if they liked me. They laughed and asked if that mattered. She smiled and said that a bunch of girls had fought over me when I worked for her friend in Las Vegas. That was an exaggeration, but I was not there to call her a liar. She asked if I could really kick a man in the head next. I told her that I had never actually tried because the head was a small target.